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Bridges Ablaze is a rock/metal band from Austin, Texas. Bred by an “all-in” passion and a mutual disdain for the status-quo, Bridges Ablaze is the predestined voice for a generation that refuses to be put into a box. The duo, composed of founding members Brien Allen and Ruben Zamora, doesn’t bend their identity to any one idea. Rather, they draw from specific influences, ranging from deathcore to jazz and beyond, to craft their own sound that is equal parts unique and anthemic. Brien Allen and Ruben Zamora are both central songwriters as well as lead singers and lead guitarists for Bridges Ablaze, making their sound unique. With a diverse palate of influences, the duo seeks to push the edge of the known sonic envelope while defining their own distinguished sound in a world of oversaturated subgenres. 

Their debut single, “The Kill” (originally by 30 Seconds to Mars), was engineered and produced by Cory Brunnemann (of Through Arteries) and was released on April 1st, 2020. The song was originally an experiment - a sort of "proof of concept" for the project. Slowly (and at times, quickly), the project became something progressively more and more involved. After multiple years of rigorous artistic and business development, the band finally released their debut music video for “The Kill” on January 21st, 2022 on YouTube. 

Given the positive response to their cover of "The Kill", Brien and Ruben decided to record an entire album with Robert Edward Joyner (recording, engineering, production). The duo has since been releasing singles every three months: “Hellbent” (January 13th), “Never Too Late” (April 14th), “Forever Fallen” (July 21st), and "Heartbroken Angel" (October 20th) were all released in 2023 and are available on all streaming platforms with accompanying music videos on YouTube. 

In 2024, the band released the single “Numb” on January 24th along with an accompanying music video. The band is set to release singles on April 24th, May 8th, and June 12th, as well as September and December.

Since inception, the band has grossed over a million views on YouTube and over a million streams on Spotify and Apple Music. Recently, Heartbroken Angel grossed over 15 million streams on TikTok due to being added to TikTok’s “Rock Playlist”.

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